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Our names are Angela Greene and Robert Culicover. We've been looking at, researching and collecting interesting objects for more than twenty years, in New York, California and Europe. Both of us have art backgrounds, and Angela is a computer artist, so we put a lot of time and effort into the presentation of our items and in the design of the website. We appreciate your feedback and comments.

For about five years, we've been offering some of our favorite things for sale over the Internet, through this website and on eBay , the online auction service.

We also have a large inventory of art, design and architecture books available on request, and an even larger inventory of books on many other subjects. Feel free to ask for a pricelist!

We don't have a shop with open hours. If you want to pick up or see an item in person and you are in the New York City area, it may be possible to arrange it. - please inquire. Although we are not usually available for telephone contact, we generally are able to respond to any email orders or information requests within 24 hours.


In the course of trading on eBay, we both have received many comments about the items we sell, our service and our packing and shipping methods. Please click on the links below to review these (unedited) feedback notices:




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